4smarts Wall Charger PowerPlug Quad 4-port USB 24W black

4smarts Wall Charger PowerPlug Quad 4-port USB 24W black

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One power supply, four USB ports: The PowerPlug Quad charger 5V/2,4A is able to power all your devices simultaneously from one location.


- Charges up to four devices simultaneously via USB
- Overall charging current of 4800mA for powerful charging
- QuickCharge of individual devices by 2400mA per USB port
- Charging current is optimally distributed to the devices by the built-in charging control
- Intelligent charging shutdown reduces the current consumption and sustains the battery lifetime
- Sideways rotated USB slots make it easier to plug in a cable and reduce the risk of a cable break
- Power connection supplies 100-240V for worldwide use
- Discreet, futuristic housing shape
- Input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
- Output: 5V/2.4A per port, 5V/4.8A max.

Can you still keep track of the mere amount of power supply units you have amassed over the years? Enough! With the PowerPlug charger and the right USB cable you can charge all your devices. It comes in especially handy in rooms with only a limited amount of power outlets. Simply plug it in and thanks to its multiple USB ports one power source turns into four.

Package contains:

- 4smarts PowerPlug Quad

Compatible with all devices that can be charged with 5V/2.4A via USB

Compatible with:
ACER Liquid yesde Primo, Alcatel Pixi 4 (3.5"), Alcatel Pixi 4 (4.0"), Alcatel Pixi 4 (7.0"), Alcatel Pixi 4 (6.0"), Alcatel Idol 4S, Alcatel Idol 4, Allview P6 eMagic, Allview P8 Energy Pro, Allview X3 Soul Pro, Allview P8 Energy Mini, Allview X3 Soul, Allview X3 Soul Mini, Apple iPhone SE, Archos 50d Oxygen, Archos 40 Power, Archos 50 Cobalt, Archos 55 Cobalt+, Archos 50 Power, Archos 70 Oxygen, Archos Diamond 2 Note, Archos Diamond 2 Plus, Asus ZenFone Max, Asus ZenFone Go (ZB450KL), Blü Vivo 5, BQ Aquaris X5 Plus, Cat S60, coolpad Modena, coolpad Torino S, coolpad Porto S, coolpad Max, Cubot S600, Emporia COMFORT, Emporia CLASSIC, Gigaset ME Pure, Gigaset ME Pro, Hisense C1, HP Elite x3, HTC Desire etc.