4smarts Universal VR Glasses Spectator PLUS white

4smarts Universal VR Glasses Spectator PLUS white

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Imagine a virtual world without limitations. Everything you see feels as real as if you were part of the scene. Search for VR or Augmented Reality apps on your app or play store. The universal design of these 4smarts virtual reality glasses is suitable for smartphones with display sizes of 4.7? to 6.0?.


- Fits smartphones from 4.7 to 6.0 inches (screen diameter: 11.94 to 15.24 cm)
- Big field of vision up to 98° for a fully visual immersion
- High quality aspheric optical lenses (diameter: 3.4cm ; depth: 0.5cm)
- Perfect for 3D video playback, virtual reality and augmented reality games
- Removable front covers expose the front camera of the smartphone, to enable Augmented Reality apps & games
- Headset openings on both sides of the spectacles allow the connection of audio devices to the smartphone, independent to the used mobile phone model
- Glasses are adjustable in width and depth for a setup to the individual optics
- Slide mechanism for a fast & safe insertion of the smartphone into the glasses
- Smoothly woven textile cushion for comfortable wearing
- Three variable headbands guarantee a perfect fit
- Also suited for spectacle wearers (max. glass width: 13.5 cm ; max. glass height: 5.5 cm)
- Weight: only 366g
- Dimensions: 192 x 140 x 120mm
- Compatible smartphone dimensions: height: up to 16.3cm ; width: 6.2 cm to 8.3 cm

Virtual Reality is radically redefining gaming and entertainment. You can deeply immerse into games, walk around in 360° movies or even travel to foreign cities. Do all that from your couch by using your phone, and the 4smarts Spectator glasses.

The full compatibility of the spectator series to Google Apps (e.g. Google Cardboard) enables watching all your own personal videos, or any video on Youtube in stereoscopic 3D, intensifying the feeling of being in the scenario. The compatibility to hundreds of free games like Insidious VR, Deep Space, InCell VR and apps like 360°ARTE and VRSE provide etc.