4smarts Inductive Fast Charger VoltBeam 10W black

4smarts Inductive Fast Charger VoltBeam 10W black

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Thanks to its high output and its 2 built-in coils the inductive charging station VoltBeam charges up to 4 times faster compared to regular Qi chargers. The stand function lifts the smartphone into an upright position for you, to display incoming messages and calls.


- Inductive charging station for stylish charging without cable connection to your mobile
- Up to four times faster thanks to the newest fast charging standard with 10W output
- Two built-in coils charge the smartphone in sideways and upright rotated position
- Foldable design for space saving transport and for charging while in laying pose
- LED charging status informs about the charging progress
- Works with all standard USB chargers and can also be connected to a PCs USB port
- For using the fast charge function a fast charge power supply is required (e.g. 4smarts VoltPlug 4S465492, 4S460036)
- Maximum charging distance: ?10mm
- Input: DC 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A
- Output max: 10W Fast Charge
- Weight: 175g
- Dimensions: 66x117x18mm
- Cable connection: micro-USB
- Cable length: 1.6m

You have never seen an easier and more comfortable way to charge your devices. Just lay your smartphone on the charger in flat arrangement, or place it in an upright position. Whether your display is rotated sideways or upright doesn't matter. We put in two coils to always make sure your phone is charging. And the most special part: If you use it in combination with a Quick Charge power supply (e.g. 4smarts VoltPlugs with product numbers 4S465492 & 4S460036) VoltBeam charges wirelessly at the speed of wired fast chargers.

Package contains:

- 4smarts Inductive Fast Charger VoltBeam
- Micro-USB cable
- Manual

Compatible with all devices that can be charged wireless according to the QI standard. Examples of compatible devices (ATTENTION, some devices need a special battery cover for wireless charging!):

Compatible with:
Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7, etc.