4smarts Basic ONTHEWAY Travel Neck Pillow grey

4smarts Basic ONTHEWAY Travel Neck Pillow grey

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Enjoy your trips with the 4smarts ONTHEWAY travel neck pillow. The ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to your neck and makes even long trips comfortable. The integrated pump allows to adjust the air pressure comfortably.


- Inflatable neck pillow
- Integrated air pump
- Fastener button prevents the pillow from sliding around the neck
- Prevention of neck pain and headaches
- Relievs the pressure on the cervical spine and ensures a perfect body posture
- Perfect for travelling
- Small dimensions allow easy storage

Properly, incorrect carriage on long journeys ensures discomfort in the neck region. Use 4smarts ONTHEWAY to prevent it. The ergonomic fit supports the head and prevents suffering or pain in the area of the cervical spine.

Package contains:

- ?4smarts Basic ONTHEWAY neck pillow