4smarts Basic Cable-Lock for Bartender Power Bank

4smarts Basic Cable-Lock for Bartender Power Bank

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Perfect for secure the Bartender Powerbank with integrated lock port

Features cable lock:

- Lenght: 1,80m
- Material: stainless steal in plastic sheating
- Lockable and unlockable closure
- 2 keys for closing
- Eyelet on cable for individual assembly

Product features locking eyelet:

- Stainless steel eyelet
- Screws made of stainless steel for individual mounting of the locking eylet
- Plastic underlay to protect the mounting surfaces
- Cover of the screws made of stainless steel

Package contains:

- 4smarts BARTENDER cable-lock
- 2 keys
- Locking eylet
- 2 screws
- Plasic underlay
- manual

Compatible with devices have the integrated Kensington Lock port, e.g.: BARTENDER power bank, laptop, beamer, projector, and flat screen